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Training with MAMANET

Training With MamanetLithuania

Mamanet impacts the social status of women as well as their self-secure image.

Our vision is that wherever there are mothers – there will be a Mamanet league, which will enhance sportive life for many families as well as contribute to building healthy and strong communities.

This allows the mother to serve as a role-model for good sportsmanship, dedication to a team, and commitment to physical exercise. Mothers teach their children to experience sports, and good sportsmanship as a way of life.

Mamanet is a social, community-based sports League.
The Mamanet project is now a community enterprise model and has become a showcase for many new communities.

Our vision is to bring more women from all over the world closer to sports, to an healthy, active way of life & increase their involvement in the community. Mamanet offers this amazing combination.

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The host union AICS organizes for the participants a sportive, cultural and Socially unique experience. From the colorful opening ceremony with thousands of athletes who will cross the City in the parade of the delegations through the tournaments that will take place throughout the four days, there will also be sports and cultural activities and of course every evening, parties and shows. On the last day there will be a closing ceremony.

Of course, Mamanet is organizing a few more surprises for Mamanet players, from Mamanet seminer, and other activities such as Beach Games. The Mamanet Games will be held in the coastal town of Cervia.



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About the Game

MAMANET is a team sport based on the volleyball rules with slight changes and modifications especially designed to engage women over 30 years old and mums into the sport practice done at regular basis.


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